Year 11 to 12 Summer independent learning

The Year 11 into Year 12 transition work is there to help you become familiar with the way I expect you to work, to help you become familiar with  the documents that we use each week, and the terminology and acronyms we use. The first acronym as the header suggests is SIL, summer independent learning.

Documents for download

Y11 – Y12 Computer Science SIL – Click the link or button to download my original PowerPoint presentation to edit and use electronically.  

Y11 – Y12 Computer Science SIL – Click the link or button to download a pdf version of the presentation if you would like to complete the work by hand. 

1.1.1 Cornell notes DIL – Click the link or button to download the 1.11 Cornell notes   

This years SIL has six parts:

  • Who are you?
    • Your opportunity to explain a little about yourself and the reason for choosing CS
  • The course
    • A research task for you to learn a little more about what you are signing up for
  •  Flipped learning
    • An pair of exercises looking at how to evidence key terms and make notes using the Cornell note taking system
  • What do you know about…
    • Your chance to show what you know about some of the topics we cover at the start of Y12, some of this may be new, some will be from GCSE
  • Programming
    • Programming tutorials with exercises for you to complete and evidence
  • Programming challenges
    • Opportunity for you to showcase what you have learned from the tutorials